Guides & How To's

Buyer's Guides:

Bow Ties Guide: Everything you need to know about bow ties, from design types to fastening methods.
Cravats Guide: The different types of cravats, and what fabric to choose to suit you
Braces Guide: Choosing the right size of braces, understanding fastenings and types of mens braces
Wedding Ties Guide: How to choose ties for the groom, bestman and pageboys at your wedding.

    How To Guides

    How to tie a tie: Step by step instructions on how to tie various tie knots (includes videos).
    How to tie a bow tie: The quickest and easiest way to learn how to tie your own bow tie.
    How to tie a cravat: Whether it's for day wear or for a wedding, this guide shows you how.
    How to fold a pocket square: Three easy ways to fold a pocket square or handkerchief.

    Facts & Fun

    Top 12 Mens Fashion & Style Quotes: Our favourite style quotes of all time.
    Tie Facts: 16 fun facts about mens ties, you'd never believe.
    Tie Jokes: Groan inducing jokes about ties.
    Top Tips for Grooms: 21 Things you really need to know before your wedding day!