Cookie Policy

Swagger & Swoon uses cookies on our website to enable online shopping and provide a better experience online for our customers. This policy provides more information about cookies and outlines what cookies are used on the site.

Cookies may be used on this site to track and store online ordering information, to retain information you have previously entered on the site, or in the use of 3rd party applications, used to improve your experience on the site and to provide more relevant advertising on this and other websites. In general, you can browse this site without requiring cookies, however you will need cookies in order to purchase items from the site. If you prefer not to use or accept cookies when using this site, you may switch off cookies in your browser.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file used by websites to store information about its visitors needed for operating that website. Typical information might include your login name (so you don't have to login every time you visit the site or a new page), and the contents of your shopping basket if you're shopping online. Some cookies are also used to customise your online experience and to analyse how users use the website in order to improve the service you receive. Cookies cannot access information on your computer or contain viruses.

What Cookies are used on this site?

Swagger & Swoon currently uses the following cookies:

1. Session Cookies:

- These cookies are essential for your use of the site, and include information on whether you are logged in or not (so you don't have to keep logging in) and what you currently have in your shopping basket.

2. Social Media Cookies:

- These cookies are used by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks to identify what pages you are on so you can Like, Tweet or recommend the site or specific pages, and we can offer personalised content or targeted advertising on these platforms.

3. Advertising Cookies:

- These cookies, also know as Behavioural Targeting Cookies, include advertising by Google and are used to display relevant advertising based on your interests or preferences. You can find out more about Google's privacy policy at

4. Analytical Cookies:

- This site uses Google Analytics to analyse how visitors use the site, such as the number of people visiting the site and how many pages they viewed. You can find out more about Google Analytic's privacy policy at

What happens if I block Cookies?

If you block cookies you will find that some functionality on our (and other) sites won't work. This may include the site not remembering that you are logged in or what you have in your shopping basket, so you would be unable to purchase from us online. Additionally, if we were tailoring content to suit your likes and preferences, we would be unable to do so without cookies to remember those settings.

For more information about Cookies, please see About Cookies.