About Us

Swagger & Swoon - Dressing the Groom & His Merry Men

12 years, four moves, one name change, a considerable amount of pizza, two unresolved mysteries involving cat food and an old razor, a doggie pageboy at an Australian wedding, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother and Dancing on Ice, two wedding awards, four customer service awards, 8000 customer reviews, Cosmo Bride, You & your Wedding, Inspired Brides, Hello!, a whole lot of snow, a bear in a waistcoat, Katy Perry, Alan Carr, Eamonn Holmes, Sean Bean, and Paul O'Grady, 52 countries, and a decade dressing the groom and his merry men.

That's us in a nutshell. But it's not our story that we're really interested in.

You see, we like to think we help create other people's stories. We may not necessarily be the main character in the script, but we're always there, reassuring, and reliable. Whether it's the groom's cravat as he marries his childhood sweetheart, or the red tie chosen by a little boy for his first suit, or the bow ties adorning the trendy groomsmen, each trying to outdo each other with the most outlandish neckwear. We're there.

We're the flash of colour at countless weddings around the world, the new tie for the proud father of the bride, the tweed flourish for the country wedding, the baby's bow tie because well, he's just so cute, the matching socks, the trendy braces, the joke gift for the best man, the special gift for the groom.

We're the nervous fiddling with the cufflinks as he waits for his bride, the posing for those lifelong photos, the laughs and the tears, the spills of a night thoroughly enjoyed, the fond memories that will never fade. And when the day is over and we become just one of those great memories, we'll smile and know our job is done.

This is our story. It's your story. And we thank you for letting us be a part of it.