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Wedding Waistcoat

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Made in Britain
Made to order in the UK.
Current time to make is up to 1 week. Need it sooner?

Please note that waistcoats are bespoke items and made to size for each order, therefore are non-returnable.

Our standard pattern size is a slim/tailored fit but can be made to specific measurements.

Please add the colour and any notes on size you require to the delivery note box at checkout. 

Available in the following colours:

sw43003 Indigo
sw43004 Anthracite
sw43061 Vintage Rose
sw43062 Duck Egg
sw43063 Nude
sw43064 Pale Mint
sw43065 Lavender Frost
sw43066 Rose Gold
sw43067 Mink
sw43068 Oyster
sw43069 Bon Bon
sw43070 Frosted Fig
sw43071 Deep Red
sw43072 Dusty Rose
sw43073 Copper Rose
sw43074 Bellini
sw43075 Forget Me Not
sw43076 Coral Pink
sw43077 Mid Rose
sw43078 Lotus Purple
sw43079 Dusty Blue
sw43080 Malibu
sw43081 Truffle
sw43083 Seagrass
sw43084 Dove
sw43085 Sweet Melon
sw43086 Taupe
sw43087 Coral
sw43088 Salmon Peach
sw43089 Baby Blush
sw43090 Rhubarb
sw43091 Sage
sw43092 Silver Birch
sw43093 Ballet Pink
sw43094 Fig
sw43095 Sandstone
sw43096 Coffee
sw43097 Cranberry
sw43099 Desert Rose
sw43100 Maroon
sw43101 Snowdrop
sw43102 Pearl
sw43103 Hydrangea
sw43104 Redcurrant
sw43105 Mulberry
sw43106 Plum
sw43107 Lilac Blossom
sw43111 Seafoam Green
sw43112 Peacock
sw43113 Freesia
sw43114 Aubergine
sw43116 Tea Rose
sw43117 Ocean Blue shantung
sw43118 Lagoon Blue
sw43119 Hunter Green
sw43120 Sherbet Lemon
sw43122 Suede Pink
sw43123 Sangria
sw43124 Princess Blue
sw43125 Sienna
sw43126 Pomegranate Shantung
sw43127 Lemon Sorbet
sw43128 Mermaid
sw43129 Candy Mint
sw43130 Daffodil Yellow
sw43131 Petal
sw43133 Winter Berry
sw43134 Claret
sw43135 Wild Berry
sw43136 Bordeaux
sw43137 Jade
sw43138 Willow
sw43139 Lilac Rose
sw43140 Terracotta
sw43141 Spa
sw43142 Vanilla Suede
sw43143 Porcelain
sw43144 Pebble
sw43153 Cool Lilac
sw43154 Champagne Ivory
sw43155 Powder Blue
sw43156 Cherry Red
sw43157 Persian Green
sw43158 Sea Green
sw43159 Lava Red
sw43160 Cerise Pink
sw43161 Aqua
sw43162 Royal
sw43164 Sunflower
sw43165 Cornflower
sw43172 Cappuccino
sw43174 Lupin
sw43175 Topaz
sw43177 Blush Pink
sw43178 Granite
sw43180 Chantilly Cream
sw43181 Dark Moss
sw43182 Deep turquoise
sw43183 Delicate Pink
sw43184 Dune
sw43185 Light Purple
sw43186 Lime Green
sw43187 Rose Pink
sw43188 Walnut
sw43189 Starlight
sw43190 Meadow Shantung
sw43191 Dark Teal
sw43192 Shell Pink
sw43193 Mother of Pearl
sw43194 Moonshine
sw43195 Spearmint
sw43196 Antique Champagne
sw43197 Blue Daisy
sw43198 Pale Peach
sw43199 Midnight
sw43202 Comet Blue
sw43203 Robin Egg Blue
sw43204 Pearl Blush
sw43205 Pumpkin
sw43206 Magenta
sw43207 Raspberry
sw43213 Light Steel Blue
sw43223 Grape
sw43225 Violet
sw43227 Forest Green
sw43228 Light Blue
sw43232 Bottle Green
sw43233 Mauve
sw43234 Water Mint Shantung
sw43235 Crisp White
sw43236 Black
sw43237 Hot Pink Shantung
sw43238 Maroon Shantung
sw43239 Celestial Blue Shantung
sw43240 Slate Blue Shantung
sw43241 Ecru
sw43242 Avocado
sw43243 Cocoa
sw43244 Mint Green
sw43245 Burgundy
sw43246 Egyptian Blue
sw43247 Coral Shantung
sw43248 Jasmine
sw43249 Fortune Green
sw43250 Orchid
sw43251 Sweet Pink Shantung
sw43252 Carnation Pink
sw43253 Glacier Shantung
sw43254 Wine
sw43255 Sangria Shantung
sw43256 Light Teal
sw43257 Berry Sorbet
sw43258 Flamingo