How to Colour Match your Wedding:

How to Colour Match your Wedding:

How do you match wedding colours? 

So your swatches from us have arrived! Now is the time to check them against your bridesmaids dresses, fabric swatch or general colour theme and find your best matches! 

When checking your swatches, it's worth taking any packaging off of the dress or swatch before you match them up as these will often change how the colour of the dresses look. Always remember to check them in both natural and artificial lighting as the shinier fabrics can look a little different! 

Found the perfect match? Congrats! 

If you’ve got your perfect match then you’re all set to get your order sorted! The best way to order is to search on our website using the swatch code on the swatch card. This will bring up all the products available, just in the colour you want so there’s no chance of ordering the wrong thing. All of our ties can be found here>

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then give us a shout and we can see what we can do!

How do I find the perfect wedding colour?

Not everyone gets the perfect match first time, but don't worry - we're here to help! We've got a colour matching service for just this reason! The best way to do this is for you to send us a swatch of the fabric you're trying to match, but as this is not always possible we can usually match using photos instead! 

It really helps us if you can send us through the best possible photos of the colour you're trying to match so here's a few tips on how to do just that!

1) Take the photo in the best possible lighting

It sounds simple, but the better the photo, the better the chance we have at finding a good match to your dress. When a photo is taken in shadow, the colour distorts and can make it much harder for us to work out the best colours to send you so always try and take it in good lighting (and preferably against a white or neutral background).

2) Show us what swatches you've already had

Comparisons between the swatches we've sent you and the fabric you're looking to match gives us the best reference point to find better colours for you! Although we're pretty good at recognising colours, it's helpful if we can see the information on the swatch card we've sent you so we're referencing the right swatch!

We have a range of over 500 colours so it helps us massively if you send through as much information as possible.

3) Avoid matching to the back of the fabric

All fabrics have a 'right side' and a 'wrong side'. With the shinier satins this is easy to spot as the back of the fabric tends to look a little less shiny. For some of the other fabrics though it can be much harder to tell! To save any disappointment or confusion, always just match to the swatch as it is on the card - we staple them all with the right side up so you know exactly what you're getting! 

4) Send as many photos as you can!

The more reference colours we have to match your fabric with, the closer we'll be able to get! Send over all the photos of the colour matching that you have, the more the merrier! 

Hopefully these 4 steps will help us to get the best photos of the swatches you have, to get you the best colour matches that we have! There's a few more tips on the video below if you're still snapping pics! 


Do wedding guests have to match the wedding colors?

 Whether you want everyone matchy-matchy, or want to keep that exclusive to the wedding party, it's totally up to you! There's no reason why you need to buy every single tie to ensure it's the perfect colour match for your theme, just give your guests who want to match the swatch code of colour you've chosen (for example, the swatch code for Rosewood is 'sw43039') and they can use this to search on the website. This way you can rest assured that everyone's getting the right colour! 

Still looking for a bit of colour inspiration? Why not take a look through our customer album here> 

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