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Cravats, Bows or Ties? - Oh my!

Do I wear a Cravat, a Tie or a Bow Tie to a wedding? 

Deciding the style you want for your wedding can be as tricky as choosing the colour! You may already know exactly what you’re looking for, or you may have absolutely no idea at all! 

Mint Green Wedding Ties

Unless you're going for a fully formal (White tie), or semi-formal (Black tie) dress code, then there is a whole host of different styles that are available for you! These days, the biggest factor in choosing which style suits you best is your personal choice. The 'dress rules' are much less set in stone, and as the wedding is about you then it's up to you entirely! Whatever style you are thinking of, there are a few things to think about:

A standard tie is the classic choice for a wedding and has been for many years, but are you looking for a regular width or a skinny tie? It’s largely personal choice as to which one you might go for, but bear in mind that if the lapels on your suit are particularly skinny then the thinner the tie, the better! 

Also consider whether a standard length or an extra long would be better for you. We recommend switching to an extra long for those who are 6'5" and over. At the other end of the spectrum, do you need boys ties for the younger members of the wedding party? We offer boy's ties in lots of our colours so everyone can match perfectly! 

Wedding Bow Ties Cerise Pink

If a tie isn’t for you then perhaps a bow tie would be better suited! It’s worth considering whether you’re wanting the traditional tie-it-yourself style for the experience of tying your own bow on your wedding day, or would you prefer to cut down on any hassle with the ease of a neck strap on the bow. We have both! 

Perhaps you've got a bow theme going with the wedding? Bow ties alongside boy's bows, hair bows, dog bows, bows on sashes and on the ring cushion could bring this theme together nicely! 

Dune Wedding Cravats

If you’re a bit more of a traditionalist, or have a particular look in mind then maybe it’s a cravat you're looking for. These give a much fuller look to the outfit with their scrunchie finish and wide blade, but they don’t go with everything!

If you're set on a cravat (and why wouldn't you be - they look fantastic!) then they do usually look best with a waistcoat, so this is something to think about! Most people opt for the pre-tied version on a neck strap as these are so easy to put on and stop the knot slipping through the day, but self-tie cravats are also if you're a pro at an overhand knot! 


So there’s lots to think about when it comes to the style you’re going for, and that’s not forgetting the matching pocket squares, socks, boy’s ties, bridesmaid’s accessories and more! Check on your swatch card to check the products we can make each colour into and feel free to drop us a message if you need any help colour matching> 

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