Jobs at S&S

Hi there!

So you want to work at Swagger & Swoon?

Not surprising really, it's a great place to work! We have a lot of fun, laugh way too much, eat pizza, and take any chance to have an ice cream when the sun's out. But we also work hard, sometimes long hours, and occasionally we forget to have lunch. We love it though, because we believe so much in what we're doing here, and best of all, our customers love it too.

So anyone joining us here is going to need to be a little different.

In fact that's one of our core values here. Be Different. It sits alongside Be Bold, Be Curious, Deliver Unexpected Delight, Be Your Best, and Make a Difference. We don't just follow these at work, we live by them. And you know what? It's a great way to live.

We're here to make buying the wedding ties as much of an experience as getting the wedding dress. That's no small task. It means we go all out to help our customers, and that's not a 9-5 job. It's a massive undertaking and requires a certain kind of person to deliver it. That's why our offical job title here, regardless of your role, is Customer Hero.

The question is, are you that kind of person?

Do you have what it takes to do the job, not just well, but brilliantly? We’re looking for people who are smart and switched on. People who pay attention to the little details. People who are obsessed with creating an awesome customer experience. People who don't think it's not my job, but pitch in and do whatever is necessary. Superstars, not jobsworths.

If you think you fit the bill, then just maybe there's a place for you at Swagger & Swoon.

Think this is all a bit much? Then this isn't for you. We love weirdness, creativity, flying-to-the-moon kind of thinking. And we crave trying new things, and being a little oddball. Not just for the sake of it, but because it's how we get to be different.

So if you're interested in roles encompassing Customer Service, Marketing, Web Development, Admin, or anything in between, and you think you will fit in here, then we'd like to hear from you.

Your first chance to show what you’re made of will be how you respond and apply. You could just send us the same old CV you've sent to loads of other job ads, but we're not looking for the same as everyone else. You've read what we're about, so you know you need to get our attention. So here's your chance to be creative and show me you're the kind of superstar we're looking for. If it's good enough someone will be in touch to find out more. Look forward to hearing from you :)

Gary Baker
Founder & MD