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Where can I get my ties to match my bridesmaids dresses?

There was once a question. A question that we saw repeating time and time again:

Where can I get ties to match my bridesmaids dresses?

Now, we know that wedding planning can be hard, especially when you’re looking for a service that doesn’t exist. So, we came up with a solution. We decided to take as much stress away from the bride and groom as we could. If people couldn’t find a service to colour match their neckwear to the bridesmaids dresses or overall wedding theme, then we would create one. No longer would it take hours of traipsing up and down high streets or second-guessing online choices, we would create a service that was dedicated to finding the perfect colour match for your wedding.

We had no idea how popular this service would become. In the years since we started, our range of colours has grown to over 300. We take pride in what we do and go the extra mile for our small part of your big day.

And soon we saw that repeating question happen less and less.
“…Was struggling to find a colour to match my bridesmaid dresses…”
“…I tried loads of suit hire shops trying to match colour of bridesmaid dress but failed…”
“…We’ve had a lot of trouble finding a good colour match to the bridesmaid dresses…”

Because now there was an answer. Us.

“…Then I came across Swagger & Swoon website…”
“…wish we had found S&S earlier on in the process…”
“…So glad I found [S&S’s] website…”

We try and make the whole process as simple and as enjoyable as possible, always treating each enquiry we have with the same enthusiasm. We want buying the wedding ties to give the happy couple the same feelings as buying the wedding dress. It’s about making an experience.

If you would like to know how this service works, we’ve got you covered!

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