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What is a Wedding Tie?

A wedding tie is a fabric neck tie of varying length worn around the neck and tied in a knot or bow. Traditionally worn by the groom and the groomsmen, a wedding tie can come In a range of colours, with most people choosing to colour match the wedding tie to the bridesmaid dresses or colour scheme of the wedding. A wedding tie can come in a range of fabrics and styles, with cravat’s and bow tie’s becoming a increasingly more popular choice over a regular neck tie.

Colour scheme

A wedding tie can come In a vast variety of colours and patterns, with most people opting to colour match the tie to the wedding theme or the bridesmaid dresses. It is also becoming increasingly popular for the groom to go for a different colour tie to the rest of the party, in some cases matching to the bride, to really stand out on the big day. 

Fabric Types
The wedding tie can come In a variety of fabrics, all of which can change the way the tie looks and feels. Some of the more popular materials to consider include:

By far the most popular choice of fabric, offering a smoother finish in your tie, the polyester satin is woven to give a glossy appearance that is highly durable.

A great material to go for if you’re looking for a bit of texture to your tie. The slub effect and shine offers dimension to the material.

This quality material made in a twill weave which is typically characterized with the diagonal lines across the tie, the silk is often unsuitable for cravats but make a wonderful tie.

Style of Tie

Regular and Skinny Ties
Gone are the days of the super-wide ties, the popular choice now Is a significantly more modern cut. With the regular ties measuring at 7.5cm at the widest point and the skinny variety measuring at 6cm at the widest point.

Bow Ties
A increasingly more popular option, especially for destination weddings. The bow tie Is a smart and different choice, often paired with a matching pocket square and braces.

The cravat (or ascot) Is another type of wedding tie which is often associated with more traditional weddings. It can come pre-tied or a self tie option which Is tied like a normal tie, but produces a ruched knot.
Often worn with a tailored suit or a waistcoat, the cravat is becoming more popular now as an alternative to a regular necktie.

So, a wedding tie can be a regular necktie, a bow tie or a cravat, depending on the dress code or colour scheme of the wedding. A wedding tie can be can be made from a number of different materials and colours with the common factor being, that the neckwear is worn at a wedding by the groom and groomsmen and other members of the wedding party. 
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