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Wedding Fail Videos

Weddings are notoriously high-pressure events and it’s easy to see why! For an entire day, all eyes, cameras and mobile phones are firmly on the bride and groom, which means it is absolutely the last place you would want to do something embarrassing. Unfortunately, human error is a law unto itself and can ruin the best-laid plans.

With that in mind, these are our top 5 wedding fails.

Number 5:

First off, we have a bride that becomes a bit overwhelmed with everything during the wedding photos. Well, it’s that or the groom gave her one hell of a kiss! 

Number 4:

Now, this one isn’t exactly a fail exactly, but it is thoroughly enjoyable and a testament to why dogs are just so great.

Number 3:

Everyone likes arty and unusual shots at weddings, especially if you have a great backdrop.
However, in the case of this video, it doesn’t exactly go to plan. At least it looked like it was a hot day?

Number 2:

This poor officiate really drops the ball (well, ring) on this one! Watch from 1.24 to see the moment everyone freezes! 

Number 1:

In first place, is a video that is a personal favourite of mine. People might assume the most
stressful job for the Best Man is his speech, but this clip below could argue that simpler tasks are even more subject to human error…


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