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The Popularity of Blush Pink

The unending march of Blush Pink just keeps going on and on. Each year we see this muted colour grow in popularity, but why? What is it about Blush Pink that makes it such a favoured choice for weddings?

It works well with lots of shades

Well, for starters, it works well with a whole plethora of colours. The most popular is navy, but it also complements anything from greens like olive, emerald and teal to deeper colours like cocoa, charcoal and burgundy.

It’s also very of-the-moment as pastel tones were incredibly popular last year and are looking like they’re going to continue to dominate weddings in 2019.

Is it even considered a pink?

An argument that has dogged Blush Pink for a while is whether or not it actually classes as a pink. It’s not as vibrant as bubblegum or cerise, but it's more neutral hue pulls through subtle and delicate pink tones. Blush just gives most things its paired with an elegant look and feel.

The confusion probably comes from Blush being such a gentle colour that its pantone can vary wildly. Even the Blush section on our Colour Matching page has everything from Blush Pink itself through to Oyster and Vintage Rose.

Due to its versatility we’ve seen our Blush colours used to match all sorts of different themes. The most obvious is colour matching Blush Pink to the bridesmaids dresses, but we’ve also matched to wedding cake icing, flowers and in one case a groom’s suit jacket.

What’s next for Blush Pink?

Many thought Blush was a passing trend, but against the odds it has gone from strength to strength. Maybe this is because, like I mentioned before, its incredibly adaptable. People are always finding another pairing that it works well with.

Last year we saw a lot of people getting our Blush Pink swatches to work in conjunction with a variety of gold colours and pale champagnes, but there is a new contender this year - mustard. Now, that may not seem like the most obvious choice, but I bet you just imagined what that combination would look like in your head and came to the same realisation I did when it was suggested to me… that sounds gorgeous!

The adjectives that accompany it

Another thing that Blush has in its favour is how it’s referred to. All the words used to describe this colour gives it a premium vibe. Before it reached its current popularity it was called “a millennial shade”, but now we see adjectives like soft, sophisticated, luxurious and, one I actually used in this article, elegant.

This terminology automatically makes you gravitate towards it as it feels like it’s something special, which it is!

Blush Pink is personally one of my favourite colours, so I hope it continues to grow in popularity and I’m able to write another article about it next year.

Blush Pink, long may it reign.

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