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The Pinterest Age of Weddings

Weddings have changed since the social media revolution! Ever since we've been able to tap that share button, like that post or pin that picture, weddings have become a more competitive event.

Gone are the days of simplicity. Now, it's a cold war with your friends where only one big day can reign supreme. Who's its going be? Is it going to be you? Or are you going to let Maggie from High School steal your victory?!

Okay, maybe I got carried away a bit there, but things have definitely changed!

Take this video I found from a 70's wedding -

And compare it to this bride's entrance from a couple of years ago -

Weddings are serious business now! Now that isn't a bad thing as time moves on so do businesses and trends. More becomes available to us through fashion, technology and ... And I'm pretty sure that people who got married in the 40s thought 70s weddings we extravagant. There's always escalation because human beings are incapable of stagnating, we're always looking for the next big thing or how to improve something.

Last year the cost of weddings hit an all time high with an average of £30,000 for UK weddings! In 1999 Weddingplan carried out a survey for the average spend on weddings at the total was £9,380. That's an increase in £20,620 in just 23 years!

However, social media has also brought people together. Being able to share important moments from your big day to the whole world. So, with that kind of exposure why wouldn't you want to put some unique twists on your wedding.

I've been to a couple of weddings recently that alongside the photographer and their professional gallery, brides and grooms are encouraging the use of hashtags on Instagram, like #SmithWedding or #Helen&TomWedding. People are going to be sharing their photos online anyway but this way the bride and groom and I suppose anyone that went to the wedding can search the hashtag and see photos from a wide range of people. Personally I'd have to really trust the people at my wedding before I'd give them such a free range.

Colour matching is also increasingly popular, from matching the grooms ties to bridesmaids dress to going the whole hog and matching the seat covers and cake ribbons. Being able to colour match anything really gives a striking feel to the proceedings and is a gorgeous aesthetic for your wedding photos, especially if you're sharing them far and wide.

That's not the only growing trend however. There's also been rise in sustainable items like confetti and making things yourself.

It pushes people to try new things, you can learn so many crafty and unique skills by perusing sites like Pinterest that can bring a whole unique, homemade feel to your wedding proceedings. Unless you're like me and your 'quirky' project ends up looking like it's from a hobbyists nightmare.


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