Kids: Bows Vs Ties

Kids: Bows Vs Ties

We get asked a lot about what accessory children should wear to a wedding. Now, there is no right or wrong answer, it comes down to personal preference, age and availability of colour.

There a lot of reasons for either option! Whether it be for your child or page boys (or girls!) part of the ceremony it's always nice to see them match (and it's super adorable also).

There can be certain advantages to either option, so we'll endeavour to try and help you work out which one you should go for!

Bow Ties

A lot of the time we generally like to advise that bow ties are better for your very young ones. This is for a number of reasons, like for size. Sometimes ties can swamp a child if they're very little.

Bow ties also have clasps on the back, which means they're easy to take off. Especially handy when it comes to eating! They're also on fully adjustable neck straps, so are really to customise for size.

However, for under the age of 3 we generally have to make the bows ties custom in our workshop. This means we'd do them on an elastic strap. 

Above is a good example of how we can tailor our bow ties for the ages of the children.

Another thing in favour of bow ties are that they are, arguably, cuter but we'll leave that up to you to decide!



Ties are more common in weddings than bow ties which can help if you want any kids to have that mini me factor with the groomsmen or groom.

The matching with adults is actually quite a big deal. If you're going to try and go to the effort of getting the same colour as the rest of the wedding party, it makes sense to actually get the same accessory.

Ties are also generally cheaper than bow ties as well, which although not the most important reason, if you're looking to have a conservative wedding or are sticking to a really tight budget, this might be something to look at.

Like our bow ties we can also offer to have ties custom made on an elastic strap if you little one is too small for our boys tie. Generally our boys ties are 6 inches which is the same width as our adult skinny ties, but don't worry they are shorter in length. This can mean though that it is just too wide for younger children.

The elastic can also help as an easy slip of option because unlike the bow ties there's no easy clasp to undo when it gets to the wedding breakfast. 


Can you guess what I'm going to say?

It's up to you!

The only thing that I'll say is if you're getting your options from us it does depend on the colour as to whether it will come in a bow tie or a tie or not at all! We have our 300 colours though, so we will definitely have something for you to colour match to! 

Whatever you decide to go for, I'm sure your little person will look very dapper!

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