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Do You Have to Wear a Tie to a Wedding?

So one of the big questions grooms face, is do you have to wear a tie to a wedding? Whether you're the groom or a guest, this is one thing you don't want to get wrong.

Wearing a tie to a wedding depends on several things such as the wedding style, attire, location, the individual and the age group of the wedding. In most circumstances, yes, you do have to wear a tie to a wedding. At the end of the day, it's a formal event and it's better to be wearing a tie that you can always take off later than to show up tie-less with no options!

The answer really to the question "do you have to wear a tie to a wedding?" is nothing short of elaborate so let's start with the style of the wedding and wedding attire :)

These days you get all kinds of themes, trends and seasonal themed weddings. The style of the wedding can depend on whether a tie is a requirement or not. For example, a beach or destination wedding could be far more relaxed with an open collar look (even sometimes bare feet!!) than a wedding that may be set in a church or a botanical garden. In this case, you'd be okay to ditch the tie. 

Majority of weddings will be a more "formal" event, and thus require you to wear a tie or even a bow tie. Here is a slightly more casual attire at one of our Greek Weddings! So they haven't opted for a tie, although the attire is more summery and a bit more relaxed, as it is still a formal event, they have gone for a bow tie instead :) Therefore, even in some more relaxed attires, it is likely you may still have to wear a tie or some form of neck wear. 

A way to find out, is by checking the invitation as most will provide a dress code. Anything that says the following: Casual or Beach Formal is generally optional to wear a tie. Where as if you see the following dress codes: Cocktail, Smart-Casual, Semi-Formal, Formal, Black Tie or White Tie, it is likely you will be required to wear a tie! The photos below are the kinds of styles of weddings that are much more formal in both the attire and location, hence the groom and groomsmen are looking quite sophisticated and have either a tie or bow tie on.


Now when it comes to the age group of the wedding, if yourself or the bride and groom are an older age group, you can bet they will most likely expect men to be wearing ties as it is quite traditional and highly regarded to look the part. Rocking up to a wedding without a tie especially without checking first can come across as sloppy and even disrespectful depending on the individual. Unless told otherwise that the wedding is more relaxed and a tie is optional, wear the tie! Better to be safe than tieless!

Now to the individual... Again, it depends on if you are the groom, the best man, father of the bride or just a guest. If you are the groom you'd better best check with the bride first! However, it is entirely up to you. Though of course, regarding what we initially went through about the style of the wedding, will likely also determine whether you choose a more formal or casual attire. However traditionally, majority of the grooms tend to want to stand out. As all eyes are on the groom and their betroved, the groom typically has to look the best dressed, which in most cases unless it is a laid back beachy wedding, will require a tie or bow tie, even sometimes a Cravat.

Now if it isn't your wedding, you're unsure of the style of the wedding, the attire or just would prefer not to wear a tie, the best advice is ask the groom or even the best man. Then you can't go wrong!

At the end of the day, you're there to honour the two people getting married and dressing the part is a way to show your respect for them :) Don't forget, there are so many options from paisleys to bright bold colours and patterned ties! You can have fun with it and show off your personality! Then once the dancing starts, you can un-tie the bow or loosen the tie and bust out the dancing shoes!

If you'd like more info on the types of ties you can wear, follow this link where you'll meet Zoe who will explain the types of ties/accessories you can wear :) 

Hope this has answered your question! Please feel free to give us a shout if you have anymore :)

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