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Can you wear a bow tie to a wedding?

Can a bow tie be worn to a wedding? Absolutely! You can wear a bow tie whether you are an attending guest to a wedding or a member of the wedding party. It is becoming an increasingly more popular choice to wear a bow tie to a wedding over the traditional choice of a standard neck tie.

As members of the wedding party, a more stand out choice over the recent years has been to wear a bow tie instead of the regular neck tie. With a variety of colours, the wedding party can choose to match the wedding theme or the bridesmaids dresses. It has also become a popular choice for the groomsmen to wear regular neck ties and the groom to wear a bow tie to really stand out from the rest of the wedding party.

The choice of a bow tie has become a firm favourite for oversea wedding destinations, with the wedding party opting for matching braces and shorts to complete the summer look, whilst still remaining formal.

As a wedding guest, it may be the dress code specifies formal or even black tie. This does not mean you are limited to wearing a regular tie, but a bow tie is a perfectly acceptable choice too, and can be paired nicely with a tuxedo suit. Alternatively, a bow tie can make a perfect choice for the smart casual dress code, alongside a shirt and braces to complete the look.

So, can you wear a bow tie to a wedding? Definitely! So long as the bow tie fits  with the dress code of the wedding. A bow tie can most certainly be worn by the wedding party too, either as a stand out piece for the groom to wear or for the entire party to match. It's most certainly a great option to consider If you wanted to step away from wearing a regular neck tie.


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