"Be prepared to immerse yourself in a world of sartorial elegance and grooming of the highest caliber." BOE Magazine
"Be prepared to immerse yourself in a world of sartorial elegance and grooming of the highest caliber." BOE Magazine


As he confidently treads the flagstone pavement, passers-by stagger to a stop and stare. Motorists squeal to a halt as they glimpse this dapper gent stroll by. Nearby gentlewomen do swoon at his feet, 'tis so rare to see a display of such masculine finery. Architect of the finest knot, with standout style and exceptional taste, he is truly a cravat connoisseur. They won't have to ask if it's a Swagger & Swoon cravat, they'll know!

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About Cravats

Choosing a cravat: We've got quite a few day cravats (also known as casual cravats or ascots) to choose from here, so here are a few handy tips. First of all, cravats come in 3 main types of fabric: polyester, cotton backed silk and all-silk. The polyester cravats are lower priced, but are a soft satin finish and very comfy. The cotton backed silk is mid-priced and slightly thicker - our most popular choice for comfort and easy tying. The all-silk cravats are just silk and much lighter weight. Otherwise it's just a case of which design takes your fancy! There are also wool cravats - these are mainly tartans. All day cravats are self-tie, not that you need to tie them much - you just wrap one end over the other and tuck the whole lot into your shirt (see our How to Tie a Cravat guide here). Any questions, please give our cravat experts a call and we'll help you out.

Tying a Casual Cravat (Version 1)

Tying a Casual Cravat (Version 2)

Tying a Scrunchie / Wedding Cravat

Latest Reviews
Gold Black Squares Casual Cravat

Exactly what I was looking for. Good quality with fast and speedy service. Well done.

Harry from Carnoustie
On: Monday 18 July, 2016

Burgundy Squares Casual Cravat

Got the cravats delivered on time, beautifully wrapped and I am very pleased , have not given them to my husband yet as his birthday is next week but I know he is going to ask why there are not pocket squares to match ...or did I miss them?

Anne from Villefranche sur mer
On: Saturday 04 June, 2016

Italian Renaissance on Yellow Fine Silk Cravat   Matching Handkerchief

Yet again beautiful products and super fast Royal Mail delivery. I swooned then staggered in my new Italian renaissance on pale yellow silk matching caveat and hanky.

Rupe from London
On: Tuesday 24 May, 2016

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Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us!

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