Top 5 Wedding Colours for 2014

As we’re battling our way through torrential floods and storm force winds, weddings might not be the top of your mind, but for thousands of couples across the country, a bit of wind and water won’t stop their frenetic wedding planning. And so it comes to that part of the planning when the groom’s, best […]

Bow Ties Are Cool – The Evidence

When Dr Who first uttered those now almost famous words: “Bow ties are cool”, it sent a flurry of retweets around the Twitterverse, though no-one outside of the Dr Who aficionados really knew what it was all about. Fans around the world starting seeking out one bow tie in particular – a narrow burgundy variety that was […]

Novelty Ties – Should You?

A while back I saw a newsreader on the BBC wearing a novelty tie with yellow dolphins on it. To be fair, it wasn’t a particularly nasty tie, and you had to look closely to see they were actually dolphins, rather than just a pretty pattern. In normal circumstances this would actually be quite a […]

The Secret Liaison of Trouser Braces

I tried braces once. Did them up a bit tight at first and ended up with a wedgie that’s still having after effects. Once I got that right though I could see the appeal – there’s a certain air you feel when you’re wearing braces, you stand a little taller and puff your chest out […]

Real Men Wear Cravats

Let’s not take the title of this post too seriously – I got the name from an image I saw recently which showed men from a bygone era wearing cravats as justification that real men wear cravats. You know, Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey, that kind of thing. The truth is far simpler, and […]