Novelty Ties

Novelty ties are best described as neckties with a particular theme, for example cats or science. They will usually either have a full image down the length of the tie or multiple small images forming a pattern across the tie. Novelty ties are a popular choice for gifts as they can be tailored exactly to the interests of an individual, and are often used for teachers, doctors and scientists.

Novelty Ties

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About Novelty Ties

He was not normally one for jollity or humour. The novelty tie had been given to him as a gift and he felt compelled to wear it, lest he offend her. He peered down at his collection of ties in the open drawer, and with a wry smile looked back at himself in the mirror. She was right after all, the quirkiness was rather amusing, so with a final adjustment he turned to the door to begin his short journey.

Latest Reviews
Stethoscope Large Tie

This tie was absolutley perfect for the purpose it was brought for. A Doctor was leaving and the Reception team wanted to get him a little gift. The quality was excellent and the colours were fun.

Carol from South Croydon
On: Friday 01 February, 2013

Seahorse Tie

A beautifully made tie in the animal series, strong and distinctive, attracts lots of positive coments.

Roy from Dorset
On: Thursday 18 December, 2008

Zebra Tie

A high quality tie in keeping with the animal series, lots of postive comments.

Roy from Dorset
On: Thursday 18 December, 2008

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