Collar Stiffeners

His shirt was a crisp white, just as it should be. It had been perfectly pressed and he smiled as he acknowledged the workmanship involved. He opened the drawer next to him, and lifted out a small black box containing his favourite silver collar stiffeners. One by one, he slid them out and gently inserted them into his collar, careful to retain their neat positioning.

Collar Stiffeners

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From start to finish your company has been so easy to work with - an extremely important but often overlooked USP!!! Thank you for getting the gorgeous blush pink swatches to me so quickly - this allowed me to organise buying ties, pocket squares and bow ties through one of your team as opposed to going on line and doing it all from scratch!! Love the products. Well done S and S!

Jessica Levers

an excellent shopping experience typed in what i wanted and found exactly what i was looking for after searching many other sites

Kim L

Fantastic service beautiful gift wrap. Beautiful product. Love your site. You are such nice people to deal with I'll definitely be back. Your emails are well written and I feel we have common business interests. I want nice things, you want to sell nice products - winning arrangement. Thank you Swagger and Swoon

Rosemary Pryde

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