Collar Pins

In a nod to gentlemanly fashion, may we present the recently reinvigorated collar pin or collar bar. Designed to fit with our specially made collar pin shirts, they can be worn with or without the accompanying chain.

Collar Pins

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Silver Ball Collar Pin

Really pleased with fast delivery. Item was exactly as expected from the site. Would recommend. This item - a collar bar is very difficult to find in UK - so pleased at the quality.

Jenny from Manchester
On: Sunday 15 December, 2013

Silver Ball Collar Pin

I first saw a collar pin like this in a Fred Astaire movie and I have wanted one ever since. This perfect replica is not just first rate quality but a dream come true!

CP from Manchester
On: Sunday 01 July, 2012

Silver Ball Collar Pin

These little things are wonderful. I have worn them for 30 years and used to be so difficult to find (we only had physical shops then). My collars are always too soft (I make a lot of my shirts) and collars tend to wobble upwards and ties always seem to work loose. This little pin really pulls everything together. (PS I like to make a small hole for the pin in the collar points and just sew a little button hole round them, but that is just me).

john from Nottinghamshire
On: Sunday 06 May, 2012

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Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us!

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