The rich lather tickled the edges of his ears as the brush worked around the curves of his jaw. The white bubble beard covered his whiskers and the sandalwood filled his nostrils. He knew his father would approve of his graduation from disposable razor and soap, but certainly not of the ridiculous series of faces he was currently contorting. Not everything about growing up had to be serious!


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As usual, excellent service. Shopping is a pleasure with Swagger & Swoon.

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This company is absolutely fantastic! I have never come across such amazing customer service before - so friendly and helpful. Upon enquiring you are appointed your own assistant who is only to happy to help you find what you're looking for and they even posted out more samples to me free of charge. The products themselves were just what I was looking for, after many fruitless searches online, and were of the utmost quality. My review is 100% genuine, and if you are sceptical of reviews like I am, why not give them a try, you won't be disappointed! Thank you so much Swagger & Swoon, you certainly made my day!

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Can i just write to say a big thank you for the service i got throughout the purchase. You have a great company that has great customer service! I will be recommending to friends! Many Thanks.

Daniel D

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