A deep breath, to fill his lungs with the delicate aroma, he imagines himself in a meadow, dancing daisies swaying in the breeze. Arms stretching out, the gentle caressing touch disturbs the hairs on his arms. Fingers begin tickling buttons into submission. He smooths his fingers gently down, smoothing the cotton and the shape beneath. He looks up and smiles. You just can't beat a freshly laundered and ironed shirt!


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Plain White Wing Collar Std Fit Shirt

Absolutely superb. Excellent quality and perfect fit. The neck allows the perfect amount of breathing room without either sagging or chocking you. The perfect accompaniment for a bow tie.

James from Guernsey
On: Friday 14 August, 2015

Plain Regular Collar Double Cuff Shirt

Great quality shirt which looked great and was easy to iron

Anne from Lanark
On: Monday 10 August, 2015

Plain White Wing Collar Std Fit Shirt

Great product have to buy another one as my stepson took it from me!!!

gordon from Braintree
On: Friday 03 July, 2015

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