Quite simply, he couldn't resist. That voice, distantly echoing, compelling, beckoning. Something European there, but a definite English beauty. He can move his gaze to nothing else. How can something so fine, be so strong, the grasp on him so immovable. How he wanted to feel that gentle caress that started from his shoulders. He was done for and from now on, he would only buy braces from Swagger & Swoon!


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Charcoal Herringbone XL Button Braces

The materials seem good quality, however the black leather button connectors have left heavy black staining on my 180 shirts which has left me not wanting to wear them anymore, and the braces are relegated to the drawer. Not what I would expect. The same happened on the other set of braces I bought so very disappointed overall.

Laurence from London
On: Saturday 29 October, 2016

Brushed Navy Button Braces

A present for my Dad; first time i had purchased from this company ... a good experience. The goods arrived promptly and the quality of what i receieved was good.

michael from Bedford
On: Friday 28 October, 2016

Classic Navy Boxcloth Leather End Braces

Lovely braces but the leather ends badly stained 2 of my 180 shirts, so I will not be wearing them again. Wasted my money.

Laurence from London
On: Saturday 22 October, 2016

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