Will Brexit Affect Your Destination Wedding?

Will Brexit Affect Your Destination Wedding?

With the confusing situation that is Brexit, it's left a lot of people embarking on destination weddings all wondering one thing... will this affect me?

In terms of marriage validity there's no issue. The UK recognises all marriages that are held abroad. Your problems are going to probably come from things like paperwork, gifts, dates, budget and roaming. Let's take each of those and break them down one at a time to explain what they mean.


As of 2017 all roaming charges for mobile phone users ended. This allowed us to post our pictures to the 'gram, share our locations on FB and tweet poolside musings to our heart's content. However, when we leave the EU, those charges could come back with a vengeance. So maybe when you're booking venues, check that they have good WiFi!


Right now, flights to the EU are super cheap! However, it's possible that that could all change. I mean some of the airlines are pretty shocking already (you know who you are), can you imagine having to pay MORE to use them?! It may be worth actually thinking about moving up your schedule if it's possible. 


This one is probably less of an issue, unless you're someone like me who always forgets to buy a present for a wedding and leaves it to the last minute. It's entirely possible that the cost of Duty Free will rise, which will mean all those hastily bought gifts will suddenly cost you a lot more. You may also not be able to even take and bring back as much!


Whenever anything big changes there is on thing that is sure to accompany it... paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Due to the UK's changing position within the European Union it could bring with it lots of forms. We already need to fill out visas for some countries, so it could be the same. It's a strange concept though, to think about having to possibly fill out visas just to go to Spain! Can you imagine the queues at airports! They're already terrible!


As with most things post-Brexit costs are going to be higher. The average destination wedding cost at the moment is £6,585 compared to a whopping £30,355 in the UK. Again, it's unlikely that much of this will change as a lot of foreign venues do a week long all-inclusive deal that include the ceremony. It just may affect how many people are included and could limit the amount of people that can attend. If you're not a big fan of people, however, this could work in your favour.


I should note that none of these may even happen, with the unsure nature of Brexit everything is up in the air. People don't know what exactly will happen and Brexit is used to somewhat scaremonger, but although it may not be Brexit itself that causes any of these changes that's not to say that companies won't take advantage of the situation and just use Brexit as the reason. I just hope this has helped as food for thought, but most of all I hope you enjoy your destination wedding as no matter what happens with all these politics, I'm sure it will be a fantastic event!

Have you run into any Brexit based issues? Let me know!

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