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How do you tie a bow tie?

One of our most frequently asked questions asked by Grooms is, how do you do a bow tie? And there's even more out there thinking it's just too hard to even bother. That's simply not true! Once you have the hang of it, there's no more to it than tying a regular tie.

With this handy step by step guide you’ll be ditching the pre-tied bow tie, and become a pro at tying the self tie bow tie in no time!

Art by Kirstie Gregory Art


1. Begin by pulling up your collar and place the bow tie around your neck. Pull one side of the bow tie a little lower than the other.

2. Cross the longer end of the bow tie over shorter end of the bow tie and under  up and through the hole to create a half knot – like when you tie your shoe!

3. Drape the long end over your shoulder as you won't need it for now. Fold the shorter end of the bow tie to create a bow shape in front of where you tied your knot.

4. Bring the long end of the bow tie that you draped over your shoulder earlier, back down and let it hang down in front of your half folded bow tie.

5. Take the two ends of your bow and hold them together, this will create a hole in the back.

6. Grab the end of the bow tie that's hanging down and half fold it. Feed it through the hole created at the back of the bow and pull through half way.

7. Tighten the bow tie by grabbing both of the looped ends of the bow tie and gently pull until the bow tie looks tidy.

8. Pull your collar back down and ensure you bow tie is sitting centrally, remember, it doesn't need to look perfect!

You’ve just tied your first bow tie! How very James Bond of you!

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